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Trade Smarter, Not Harder with AmiTrader

Amitrader generates highly accurate automatic buy sell trading signals for all segments especially for intraday options trading and particularly in bank nifty options trading. Amitrader works on Amibroker charting software and generates buy sell signals for intraday trading, swing trading and positional trading. It gives early trend using unique price action trend reversal signals and also continuous trend confirmation on chart with clear entry and exit levels to enable the traders take trades with small stoploss and maximum profits. Multiple factors are built-in especially for bank nifty options trading to get high-probability of taking profits consistently.

Bank Nifty Options Trading

Trade with Confidence and Get Profitable Strategy

By using AmiTrader Signal Software, trading in Bank Nifty options offers a potentially profitable scalping strategy. It gives entry signals at a very early stage and also indicate price trend so as to enable the traders to enter at right opportunity. Its a unique combination of technical analysis, disciplined execution, and effective risk management. You get a clear entry and exit levels with no confusion and get quick returns once you are in trade. Watch our Youtube Live stream videos to see how it works and see past performance before subscribing.

AmiTrader Overview

AmiTrader is a unique trading signal system that caters to intraday traders in India, offering unique technical analysis tools and charting on Amibroker with highly successful buy and sell signals with clear stop-loss and take-profit targets, live charts on Amibroker, and even voice alerts to keep you informed on potential trading opportunities.

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